A tool that allows the user to brush their pool and/or spa without the crouching and reaching. Thus relieving the dreaded back ache and sore knees, a tool you use along with your brush that not only is it more efficient but it allows the user to be at a comfortable angle, relieve back and knee stress due to reaching and crouching.
A tool that allows the brush to wear evenly, thus no more pool wall damage or pool liner rips from improperly worn pool brushes.
The angle provides your swimming pool technician not only comfort but your pool tech will be able to brush the algaes off pool walls more effectively saving them time and we all know time is money. Join the new era and lets change the angle on how we brush swimming pools and spas.

Additional Benefits of The Pool Angle

Do you dread brushing your swimming pool and or spa due to sore back and knees? Are you tired of crouching and bending to brush the deep end of your swimming pool and/or spa? Are you tired of improperly worn pool brushes due to
No more sore back and knees due to crouching and reaching. No more crouching and reaching to get the angle right, no more improper pool brush wear, no more damaging your pool walls and /or liners no more dirty swimming pool walls due to improper pool brush angle. No more spilling debris from pool net.